About Us

Port Authority Osijek, a public institution for the management and development of ports and docks on the river Drava, was founded 16.01.2001. The Law on Inland Ports (OG 142 /98), based on the European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways of International Importance (Geneva, on 19th January 1998). AGN. The signing of this Agreement and the Drava ( among others), incorporated into the network of international waterways and ports in Osijek network ports open to international trade . Croatia thus committed to waterways open to international navigation built and edited in accordance with standards prescribed by category navigability of IV to IV b categories.

Founder of the Port of Osijek , the Republic of Croatia

Subject of business :

  • preparation of a draft planning documents for the development of the port system in inland waters
  • concern about the implementation of planning documents , and in particular the construction, maintenance and modernization of port facilities and devices
  • perform technical tasks related to the granting concessions for the provision of port activities
  • property management in the port area owned by R. Croatian
  • ensuring permanent and undisturbed port traffic , directing , controlling and harmonizing the work of companies that perform port activities


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