Port Osijek

The Osijek Port is essential for the development of economy in entire Eastern Croatia.

The strength of economy of one region or even country, largely depends on it logistic resources.

The proximity to port and use of inlad waterway transport brings Europe and the world closer and makes raw materials and products more favourable.
Experience in managing different types of cargo and capacities guarantees the competence in performing port activities.

The Osijek Port has all that is necessary to meet the needs of economic operators in its area. Primarily, human resources and technical staff are prepared for any kind of challenge – from reloading of heavy general cargo, bagged goods and bulk cargo, to most demanding users requirements. The basis of this experience is the material resources, which prove to be more than enough in meeting the growing needs of economy.

Installed port capacity, as well as the experience of reloading different cargo, proves that the Osijek Port is the greatest river port in Croatia.


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