Government: Adopted Decree amending the existing Decree on the regulation of Osijek port area

Zagreb, 24 January, 2013

1 w OS obl 24-1_13By adopting the Decree on today`s Government meeting, the existing Osijek port area will expand to the parts involved in project „Construction of intermodal infrastructure of Osijek port“ and which were outside the port area, according to the space planning of the City of Osijek.

The Port Authority Osijek suggested amendment of Goverment Decree from 2003, made on the basis of the Port Act on inland waters, since the condition of the project was to keep construction in the port area.

Project of Construction of intermodal infrastructure of Osijek port will include the construction of coastal  facility in the length of 2.200 m, final phase of construction G bulkhead in the length of 210 m, construction of main port road, electricity and lighting supply, water supply, leveling the field and construction of sustaining wall in the length of 1497m.


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